B1- 140910 – Back To Holywood

Like surreal, man! I was sitting beside Steve in the meeting yesterday while he chatted about the people, the product and the potential. He had landed the UK and EU rep job for Aereus Technologies before he had even entered the room. Not a CV or resume passed across the table. The chatter was non-stop. The potential for the product’s ubiquitous adoption are obvious.

It was the most pleasant talk about the product that speaks for itself.

And Steve added that he now had a permanent UK address in Dundrum, Belfast and Dublin phone numbers that ring local to Toronto, a Toronto VoIP line in Northern Ireland for local calls back to Toronto, and tomorrow, which is now today, we are flying the red-eye once again, landing in Dublin tomorrow, which would be considered the day after tomorrow, since we were in the meeting yesterday.

Toronto and Dundrum are looking like a 50/50 time split for us now.

Steve is ready to do some fist pumps, and make some good clean money.

First stop . . . climb out of my skin and have an alien-to-alien convo with amanfromMars over a pinto or 2. Hopefully, I stay clearheaded enough to not need to check into the Salty Dog (again) nearby.

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