B4 – 140803 – O MetaFlorin Where Are You Now?

I was sitting here 2 square on my botty, wondering why Dropbox was losing the excel spreadsheet formatting – making the 3 page file look gross. I spent ages on it. It then occurred to me that I am indeed an urban space cadet . . . why don’t I just upload it to WordPress as a media file?

I could kiss you WordPress tekky types!

Now we are ready to launch . . . or lurch . . . ahead one more small step for man and woman-kind. Thanks, amanfromMars – We will launch on the crowdfunding site: Indiegogo

MetaFlorin – The Game Peace Quantities & Values 3 Page Spreadsheet

Genesis – Land Of Confusion

Before we get to the business at hand, I had a eureka moment yesterday. I had a little chat with Rubecula on boards.ie. Steve was thinking of renting an Audi A4, but I’ve suggested Steve send an email to Markus Kramer at Aston Martin, to take him up on the “test drive” an Aston Martin Rapide offer from a couple of years ago.

Steve also has to send an email to Wendy McElroy based on a message I sent to Wendy, here. He’s going to be asking Wendy McElroy if she, Anthony Wile, Stephan Kinsella, James Jaeger, and Ron Holland would like to scrutinize the Lenticular print jobs to prove authenticity.

The Business Is Investing In People On The Street

All the Worlds central banks are printing currency galore, but giving it to each other at the top, weakening the currency we try to earn, then carefully spend and save. Very little money trickles down and sloshes around on the streets in people’s hands, as it should be doing. We want to educate people on what money should be, using MetaFlorin game pieces and a little Celtic Magic.

We will invest 42% of revenue back into producing more game pieces, and using them to invest in people on the street to invent Stirling Engine Generators and the support systems behind them. The 42% funding will be invested using MetaFlorin. The game pieces will be used to purchase these generators, once they become available.

Initially, we need to sell 900 packages of MetaFlorin for $124 CDN per package. Goal = $111,600 CDN

Each coin is based on the Gold Standard, and is a Limited Edition and randomly serial numbered. Limited to the World’s GDP!

Each coin is also magical, especially the 7 MetaFlorin coin: The LepreCoin.

The first print job in 2-sided 3D Flip Lenticular plastic, will be The World GDP of approximately $90 Trillion US.

The Lenticular coins will be printed in Canada and sold from Canada, but the marketing launch, fulfillment, support and marketing services will be based on people working and earning in the streets throughout Ireland.

Oh, and I just figured it out. Ronald RayGun or any other politician are not Superman, it’s actually Mother Nature! She’s coming home to help . . . nothing will stay her couriers from their appointed rounds.

Laurie Anderson – O Superman

I need help in tightening this up, everyone!

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