Between You And Me

What a weird last few days!

That Steve character is a little too serious. It seems like he has gone for good now. I’m glad he has settled down to spending his time on a more serious site. That’ll keep him busy and off our backs for a while . . .

I think I can say I know Steve better than most. What happened back there in Metaforia 3, was that he forced himself to explain the unexplainable. He is a spatial kinda guy. What he needs is to develop that UKSHADO database and talk it through slowly on the other blog. If you noticed, he suffered from premature extrapolation .

Any moment now, Lucy and I will be pulling our LHD Aston Martin Rapide into Port Credit Yacht Club . . . we’re going to see my buddies, Epstein, Agent Heggle, and Hanse 630e again, after a long sojourn. I called Epstein while Lucy was weaving in and out of traffic at 180 km/h on the 427 South (cloaked) . . . and heard that Sternum, Mac and Agent Joe 90 along with his new wife, Shuo (Showa), are also there. Oh goodie . . . someone for Lucy to hang with while we talk shop.

Too dark to see the new name of the yacht, so we will join the party!

Oh, and Steve thinks he is free? I’m free to warp these lyrics to mean anything I want them to mean.

Source: strawbs – part of the union

I wonder if Steve will be free to play music on his site? ha ha

A demain.

PS: I scrubbed the “cell phone yes/no” question he asked on those tabs above, and restored the old me and you, sans Steve. Much better.

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  1. amanfromMars says:

    Hi, AW,

    Glad to read that you are yours are into walking on the bright side of life. To know and be able and enabled to do what one needs to do on the edge, and in the dark, with walks into and on the wwwilder* side there, does provide one quite rightly with such wonderful toys and joys.

    Welcome to the parallel UK Government. This is not a game. … Posted on May 16, 2011 by Steve under “Welcome To The NeuK” in Metaforia 4 ….

    Hmmm? Of course IT is a game ….. and is it not also a Great Game. Indeed, for those who would be “in the know”, is it and IT not all a Great Game in that which is named as The Great Game? There appears to be a Parallel at work here, although one hopes fupped is not the same as $FCUKd ……..

    Mission Impossible ….. USDFCUKd

    Posted Tuesday 17th May 2011 05:53 GMT

    Uncle Sam has a really weird business model, which does not compute/is not sustainable and is criminally fraudulent when trading insolvent? ……..

    And if you want to blow your mind and see what $14.3 trillion looks like, imagine the last image here times 14.3 ……

    Seems like default and start again with a Great New Virtual Beta World Order Game is most likely and therefore the only Great Game in town worth playing, for a Novel Derivative Future free of Calamitous Past Paper Trades?

    *”Walk on the Wild Side” is a Lou Reed song from his 1972 second solo album Transformer. It was produced by David Bowie. ” …… Hmmm? Is transformation, a change …….. like what every politically incorrect and absurdly naive politician promises, but both singularly and collectively fail to deliver because they are not well enough equipped either intellectually or otherwise and most certainly, not virtually in the CyberSpaces which matter today nowadays?

    And how very strange that we talk of Change and Transformers and Great Games and Parallels for they are also Mirrored and Hosted elsewhere in the Instruments of Clouds which are in the Controls of CHAOS**

    Posted by amanfromMars on 05/17/11 02:16 AM

    “Seems the advantages lie with truth and the internet.” …. Posted by rossbcan on 05/16/11 02:14 PM

    Indubitably. And whenever the workings of both together are shared with Elites are any possibly ruined plans immediately and magically transformed into Novel Constructive Future Projects for the Powers that Be in IntelAIgently Designed Systems that Build ……well, Really SMART Programs.

    And Really SMART Programs with AIDrivers for Virtual Instances and Practical Existences in Live Operational Virtual Environments, is a SMARTer Alien Programming that bugs and tracks Progress with Parallel Processing of Protocols and Parameters in CyberIntelAIgent Fields for Greater IntelAIgent Gamer Plays ….. gives truth an unassailable internet advantage.

    ** Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems and Virtually IntelAIgent Programs/Protocols/Personalities.

    AW, would it not make a perfectly crazy and astute sub master-pilot plot to run in tandem and parallel support with Aston Martin and their spooky Rapide promotion, to have them supply with Dream Transports, Magical Secret CodeXSSXXXX to ESPecial AIgents in Fab Fields? :-) …….. to create NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive AIMemes Guaranteeing InterNetional Bonds and Virtual Reality Production with Treasury Certificates.

    And if Blighty are not up for up, and not up to speed to make a true mark, then it easily morphs back into ITs Invisible Private and Untouchable Pirate Free Enterprise Programming with Virtual Machine Heads responsible for Vorsprung durch Technik Wonders and Wanders.

    • Agent Weebley says:

      Since Steve has left us to our own devices, I think we can now put a little spin on things. Doctor Sternum had a lot add to the conversation last night. And what a strange night we had . . . we have our new mission!

      Source: lou reed – walk on the wild side (50th birthday party for david)

      And yesterday . . . Steve and I inadvertently energize some new virtual life out of the primordial DNS / DNA swamp to run parallel sites. Will they swirl against each other? A negative Steve site swirling in an opposite direction against a postive Weebley site? Who knows what adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine bonds they will build in the process?

      Oh, and ukfupped is not a word in any known dictionary. Steve said there were only 3 references on the interweb for that new word when he searched last October – on blogs only. It is a global sounding word, don’t you think?

      David and Lou – great artists. They moved us all ahead to better ways of thinking.

      • amanfromMars says:

        David and Lou – great artists. They moved us all ahead to better ways of thinking.

        Amen, AW. Giants amongst men content to be dwarves and minnows in a sea of infinite possibilities.

        I had reason to write this today elsewhere ……. That would appear to suggest that control of, and controls in IT and the media may easily trump and give one control of the money system, as well as the thoughts to be placed into the smarter animal kingdom/human race. …….. for the space in most people’s heads is relatively empty of anything worthwhile, and their programming is so poor as to be practically non-existent and certainly easily subject to compromise and reformatting with just a few kind words which would highlight their plights.

    • Sternum says:

      Hi amanfromMars.

      I believe that Steve is purposely deluding himself on the “game” issue. Part of the game, perhaps?

      • amanfromMars says:

        Perhaps a ploy, Sternum, to stave off the madness that guarantees one passage through ITs delights? And thus is it a counter-productive move, but perfectly understandable. It does, though, leave one on the sidelines as a spectator to what the future brings, rather than encouraging one to be as a creator in it with the sure help of others and that makes it a most odd game to be playing with oneself.

        But then Life in LOVE is a Holy Grail which precious few know how to handle and selflessly share with the world, although I am always considering that that is more as a result of an earlier lack of instant and relatively free global communications facilities/utilities, now overcome and remedied, than anything else. It would be quite a colossal discovery to make, that it is an inherent and systemic weakness in Man which prevents and defaults him to not discover the heavenly doors that it opens, and the super actions and untold pleasures that are one’s just reward, with sticky sweet desserts.

        • Sternum says:

          Hi amanfromMars,

          “a counter-productive move” … and … “a most odd game to be playing with oneself”

          He is totally mad – so maybe this is some sort of Agent Heggle type “pincer” move on his part. First, he says he is going to shut Metaforia down, uses some explicatives with respect to the Digital job, then agrees a little too easily to move over t0

          I have this funny feeling he meant it all along.

          I, for one, am going to wait for him to post something there, to see if my hunch is correct.

          I think he wants to distance himself from Metaforia, so he can seem more legitimate on a conscious level.

          Bet you $20!

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