Money Must Be Funny In The Rich Man’s World

We just landed a few minutes ago . . . at Slugger O’Toole. I posted a comment there:

Agent Weebley (profile)
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20 September 2011 at 1:35 am

Hi People,
I loathe to butt in while you guys are arguing the pros and cons of Martin McGuinness as the potential new President, but something good is happening that you need to be made aware of . . . right now . . . in Dalkey.

Google: Metaforia Metaflorin

But, as usual, moderation in all sites. Why me? I guess that if I was talking about the weather, or making jokes . . . like: how many Irishwomen does to take to change the world . . . it would pass through the filter, no probs. I tried to make it on point, as much as I could, but amanfromMars is far better at that type of comment stylisticity than I.

Oh well, maybe the light bulb will eventually turn on . . . and I will be able to comment effectively on other people’s sites.

Today, I want to talk about Lenticular MetaFlorin game pieces.

Source: abba – money money money

You know what? The best part about this ARG is that it is going to be completely ignored by The Mainstream Media, so we will be free to run it as if it were an underground “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” ARG in parallel with whatever seems to be the disaster of the day on the telly.

Imagine the smug feeling you have that you are winning in your ARG, while the Mainstream Media is spouting more austerity for the masses in their ever weakening nameless ARG.

Source: depeche mode – master and servant (rare remix)

I’m really excited about the production of the Lenticular game pieces, since the potential cost of the game pieces is low an

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32 Responses to Money Must Be Funny In The Rich Man’s World

  1. Agent Weebley says:

    OK, who did that?

  2. Agent Joe 90 says:

    Did what?

  3. Agent Weebley says:

    Pressed the post button. I saw the mouse wander over and press post.

    Who did that? I wasn’t finished!

  4. Epstein says:

    Do you have any ideas?

  5. Agent Weebley says:

    Yeah . . . you!

  6. Epstein says:

    How about you look at some of the comments from people other than us before they roll off the screen.

    Like . . . Williams Hofer?

  7. Agent Weebley says:

    I love looking at older posts. but that one . . . Steve.

    Why did you pick that comment from Operation Shitster?

  8. Agent Joe 90 says:

    How about you read it again right now, Agent Weebley?

  9. Agent Weebley says:

    This is getting freaky. It’s coming back to me now. I took a look at the “hidden” link. It goes to his company website . . . but it is truly hidden.

    It does not exist.

  10. Epstein says:

    We’ve been trying to get you to see Steve for a while now. You say you like looking at older posts . . .

    Why can’t you see him for what he is? . . . he’s right under your nose.

  11. Agent Weebley says:

    Wait a minute. You guys said I had to disconnect from him a while back.

    I want to talk about Lenticular printing. It seems we can get it printed for 30 cents, but if we spray on the image on the back, then do it for 2 pieces, we can make a 2-sided game piece for 60 cents. If we print hundreds of millions of them the price will go way down.

    And it will be virtually impossible to reverse engineer. . . . if you try to take it apart, it will destroy the image.

  12. Epstein says:

    Why don’t you want to talk about him?

  13. Agent Weebley says:

    Look, Epstein, now that I am disconnected from him . . . I’m free as a bird!

    I like being this way now. I know about him, but I’d rather not think about him.

    We can build in a secret quality check to prove it is one of our game pieces. Anyone that knows the look of the game pieces will be able to prove to themselves it is the real McCoy . . . no fancy machines!

    It could be a slight flutter in the Metaforia symbol, as it switches to a 3 or an E . . . plus we’d throw in a few others that people would have to figure out for themselves.

  14. Epstein says:

    You need him . . . in a disconnected way.

  15. Agent Weebley says:

    We’d make them round. Square ones would hurt in your pocket, and be difficult to stack nicely. That would drive the cost back up a little.

    But imagine . . . a 10MF piece for 60 cents. That’s a great power to weight ratio!

  16. Agent Joe 90 says:

    That reminds me . . . your Aston Martin Rapide is in the cargo hold.

  17. Epstein says:

    He needs you too.

    Do you know why did he stopped posting on on July 28th?

  18. Agent Weebley says:

    . . . I forget.

  19. Epstein says:

    You want to forget.

    If you forget about Steve, you are free.

    If you remember, you won’t be free. Isn’t that right, Agent Weebley?

  20. Agent Weebley says:

    People block things out all the time. He wanted me to forget him, I think.

    I can be happy now. I want to make other people happy too. Spread it around as much as I can.

  21. Epstein says:

    But this ARG goes nowhere without him. It goes nowhere without you.

    You are in a Catch-22.

    How do you get out of it, Agent Weebley?

  22. Agent Weebley says:

    I remember now. His wife thought both these sites are the definition of insanity and she wanted him to stop.

    He did stop for a while . . . but then he set me free at the expense of his “reality site.”

  23. Epstein says:

    He cannot stop this ARG, Agent Weebley.

    Doctor Sternum and I helped him with the difficult transition. I lost some reputation at the time, but it was worth it.

    This site is now in full ARG ready-mode. We are now waiting for the key to make it happen.

  24. Agent Weebley says:

    What is the key?

  25. Epstein says:

    The key is that Irish people need to donate to Stephen Munster before they donate to to you for Lenticular printing and distribution.

    Everyone needs to free him from his business by donating to him.

  26. Agent Weebley says:

    That is a problem. His business is really booming. I remember that customers kept asking him to do more and more things for them. It was amazing to see. He didn’t care about the money. It was about staying on top of the business and satisfying customers as best as he could under the circumstances.

  27. Epstein says:

    So . . . again . . . what can we do . . . can we make a “donate” button for him here?

  28. Agent Weebley says:

    It seems that nothing will happen otherwise.

    I guess we should.

  29. Epstein says:

    Excellent. Consider it done!

    Agent Joe 90, land this beast. We’re going to Dundrum.

    Source: spin 1038 – dundrum flashmob dance

  30. adventure games says:

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