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So far, not a peep out of Weebley today. I do think that he is yanking chains, but how exactly he is doing it is beyond me!

What I do know is this . . .

1) Weebley can believe anything.

2) Weebley can get out of this situation if he wants.

3) Does he want to?

We all put our heads together today . . . we feel Ingo Bischoff is going to just do what he normally does . . . ignore Weebley. But that puts Agent Weebley in a Catch-22. He chose to believe Ingo Bischoff and his ridiculous claim that labour saving devices save no labour . . . Weebley then found himself in some sort of energy-less no-man’s land.

The best we think on how to coax Weebley out of this situation was that we decided to create that “buy” button on the top right of the screen. But while Epstein was saving the button, he found out that the PayPal transaction limit was $12,500, which was a little confining . . . a 120 minute screenplay would cost $1.5 million . . . but the purchaser would have to buy 120 of them . . . separately!

A potential purchaser could always email weebley @ asking for more details and bank account info. That would make Weebley come back to life!

While pondering the situation, I took a look over at The Daily Bell, where Weebley posted last night, and found the thread had fizzled. I figure that what had happened there was . . . bionic mosquito and DB were banging their heads against singlemindedness.

It’s funny really, memehunter, Anthony Migchels, and Summer are proving themselves to be focused on interest to the detriment of learning what the real issues are.

Then I thought of Ingo on the thread where Weebley has himself stuck. Ingo Bischoff is proving himself to be focused on fractional reserve banking to the detriment of learning what the real issues are.

Yet we here in ARG MetaPhoria are focused on Meritocracy, which means people donate to a worthy cause . . . finance a group that will lead without force . . . we want to help people re-learn how to trade without forced taxes . . . yet we know the real issue is trust . . . but no-one can force you to trust.

When you were a kid, you traded non-monetary items in good faith with the kids around you, right? As you grew up, and the world pressed hard upon your shoulders, the trading began to get less fun, then it became insipid. You all joined “the man” in his disgusting game.

The Crying Game ARG makes a person trust no-one, since “the man” trusts no-one . . . he causes everyone in the Crying Game ARG to reflect that moral deficiency. He cheats and lies, breaking all the rules so he always gets what he wants . . . you.

Rather sad, really.

Maybe Weebley is winding this site down slowly . . . until people realize there really are trustworthy people around that can create an alternate world currency in the form of a game?

Source: boy george – the crying game

It could be that nothing will happpen until the 3 people that can veto more money printing becomes 7 people.

And right now, we have 7 days before this site reaches 1 year old. As we watch the cavemen go, and the lawmen beating up the wrong guy, we look to the Silver Screen to help us all.

It’s a last ditch effort.

Source: david bowie – is there life on mars

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4 Responses to The Crying Game ARG

  1. Epstein says:

    Fingers crossed, Doctor Sternum. Agent Weebley saw what you posted and sent a message to bionic mosquito and Ingo.

    What can we do for Agent Weebley?

    Source: jerry maguire

    Maybe the Agent needs an agent?

  2. memehunter says:

    “It’s funny really, memehunter, Anthony Migchels, and Summer are proving themselves to be focused on interest to the detriment of learning what the real issues are.”

    I don’t want to start a debate here as well (and I probably don’t have the proper writing style for ARG MetaPhoria), but you guys should read some Gesell, Kennedy and Lietaer (and please do not assume they are cranks before reading them).

    Gesell, especially, might make you want to think about interest.

    Also, for a “single-minded” guy, I’d say I did quite a bit of reading and looking around at various paradigms (even though I don’t claim to be an expert), wouldn’t you say?

  3. amanfromMars says:

    Well, well, well ……. what do we have here ….

    Is that a new novel brainwashing operation with ubiquitous facilities I see before me …….. for Virtual Machines and Quantum Control Systems on AIMissions IMProbable?

    Is Internet Media composed from a Base Root completely different from that which is used to spin false trails and crooked tales on Earth, and which have resulted in all present anarchic currents of conflicting mayhem and seemingly disorganised chaos.

    Plan and Create Brave New and NeuReal and SurReal Worlds in Cyberspace and Transport and Product Place and Present them as Future Edutainment Program Replacements for Serially Abused Systems with Intellectually Corrupt Bankrupting Media Projects on Earth and you will show New Life is Possible ……. Beginning in an Imagined Space Place. …….. but it is certainly no empty void in IT SMART Management of Perception Fields, Pioneering in Other Worldly Matters of Significant Active Intelligence Concern ………

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