Protecting The Family Jewels?

We’re still floating above the HOLLYWOOD sign. A rather uneventful day . . . we were all lying around in our jammies . . . cerfing on the big screen . . .

. . . until our RSS feed bonged . . . Nerfy snuck in a most delicious post. It perked us right up!

Then shortly thereafter, Doctor Sternum got a call from Lucy in Toronto. He went off into another room with Epstein, leaving Agent Heggle and I alone to chat.

I’ve had something on my mind . . . the Cockney slang issue. I wanted to talk to Agent Heggle about it.

Agent Heggle had a thought. We’ve been talking in code for almost a year now . . . in code so no-one understands . . . unless they have the key to the code. That has proven to be a bout 2000 people. The Cockney slang that Agent Weebley used on Ingo Bischoff was rather . . . phlowery, so to speak.

Pony and Trap = Crap . . . it was obvious code, yet Ingo was oblivious to it.

Then, all of a sudden, Agent Heggle got a text: “APE FTP NOW” whatever that means. He immediately went into the server room.

Oh well.

Agent Weebley left his old beaten up Sony Vaio around, so I picked it up, connected it to an LCD screen that was kicking around, and then powered it up. I clicked my Le Fin De McWeebley post from the other day, went to the end song from Doctor Sternum . . . and played it . . . Laid Back – White Pony. The song seemed like a bunch of pony . . . but I remember the orginal uncensored version . . .

If you wanna be rich . . . you got to be a Bisch . . . off.

OMG I’ve got it!

Source: laid back – white pony

Agent Weebley was telling ingo in no uncertain terms that Ingo’s talk was a load of hurtful bullshit . . . hurting people by wasting their time and filling their heads with nonsense. The same as memewatcher, Summer and Anthony Migchels.

He proved it by engaging Ingo in Ingo’s own bullshit world and has now turned to nothing . . .

. . . because Ingo’s talk is nothing!

But later, Doctor Sternum sent a secret message to Agent Weebley! . . . Don’t ride in on a white horse to save the day . . . ride the white pony . . . and bullshit your way out of the Crying Game ARG!

Oh, here’s Agent Heggle . . . how come he’s grinning?

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3 Responses to Protecting The Family Jewels?

  1. Agent Pete 8 says:

    Agent Weebley, the pretentions that Ingo (and his mates) operate under, are being exposed as violence, no matter how many layers of spandex they cover the hammers in. What he still will not explain is how his Crying Game will actually work?

    Standing in buckets blindfolded does stranger danger things to They.

  2. Sternum says:

    Hi Agent Pete 8,

    Weebley cannot speak here, it seems. There seems to be a pattern emerging.

    He posted here this morning@ 01/10/12 06:22 AM:

    We need him back here now! Any ideas?

    I have one idea . . . look at the new post. I will be editing it later today.

    Oh, and sorry for our misinterpretation of your “we’ll all be gone in 100 years” song. In hindsight it was Absolutely Fabulous! Just perfect . . . like everything you post.

  3. Epstein says:

    He also posted here on amanfromMars’ site:

    He seems to have given up on talking to Ingo on this thread:

    And I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Ingo in days on The Daily Bell.

    What is going on?

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