Beckon . . . Call

OMG, I think I am channelling Agent Weebley . . . he got the message Lucy sent . . we all sent . . .

I have this strong feeling he is going to post on that Catherine Austin Fitts “red button” Daily Bell interview . . .

Thanks for your help everyone!

Are you The One . . . Is he The One . . . is she The One . . . are we The One?

Source: jeff beck – what mama said

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9 Responses to Beckon . . . Call

  1. Agent Heggle says:

    We hear you, Mama!

    Come on Agent Weebley . . . become unplugged from Moribund The IngoMeister

    . . . we need you here so we can proceed!

    Tulip Mania, here we come

    Source: u2 – vertigo (rare)

  2. Agent Joe 90 says:

    Channelling Agent Weebley, are you? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him there today.

    And what’s this about Tulip Mania . . .

    Soource: tiny tim – tiptoe through the tulips

    I felt like I was tiptoing through the tulips with Agent Weebley myself, earlier today . . .

  3. Sternum says:

    Heggle, you must be careful about the connotations of Tulip Mania. That phrase implies boom and bust.

    MetaFlorin will boom . . . and once everyone learns about free trading, the other currencies may bust . . . but not the MetaFlorin.

    Instead, why didn’t you just say this: Paradiso . . . Here We Come!

  4. Sternum says:

    And Joe 90, we are masters at beating around the bush on issues, but I am intrigued as to your ending statement.

    What did you see whilst tiptoing?

  5. Agent Joe 90 says:

    Well . . . it doesn’t make much sense to me right now, but I’ll try to put it into words and do a post about it tonight.

    It was peaceful, yet full of angst . . . a walk in the past . . . but also a walk in future . . .

    Source: Last video of the late mc Faza Nelly from X Plastaz, Tanzania’s most well known hip hop crew who merge Swahili rap and traditional Maasai music

  6. Epstein says:

    Agent Joe 90 . . . press the CC button on the bottom . . .

    . . . then it will make sense.

  7. Agent Pete 8 says:

    Hey All, perhaps Agent Weebley has gone to figure out whether there was some sleight of hand going on by the black-arts magician at the Austin-Fitts’s Ltd hangout at

    I don’t fear he has become too entangled by the illusions (p)resented.

  8. Epstein says:

    Ha ha,

    I still think Agent Weebley is going to talk about Ingo’s house of cards tonight.

    Hopefully he will turn away from him and come back here . . . we’ve got work for him to do!

    You too!

  9. Epstein says:

    He did it! told you!

    Ingo was here, so that’s where he started . . .

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