The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Truth [1/7]

Agent Weebley’s coming back!

. . . He just posted this on The Daily Bell, 01/14/12 @ 12:24 AM!

And he’s talking about the structure of our game pieces . . . limited edition . . . every piece gets distributed . . . otherwise, Aslan will rip us to shreds . . . the total truth tonight!

Posted by Agent Weebley on 01/14/12 12:24 AM


It’s now becoming a Good time for me to go back to MetaPhoria . . . you dig?

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It may get pretty Ugly for you over on the Catherine Austin Fitts thread, so, rather than us shooting our mouths off here . . . you hanging on my every word . . . you need to run, albeit hog tied, over there recant your illogicity.

My Bad?


Just trying to get your mind to open up to irredeemable currency as being OK, as long as one group does not steal the lion’s share . . . which cannot happen, because the lion is actually Aslan.

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So, without further ado, I am heading over there. I’ll walk slowly . . . backwards . . .

Tonight, we find out who’s really in charge, and what the Red Buttons mean.

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