Just a start …… in search of intelligent beings

Ok, the following is a pretty good explanation of what amfM is doing, which of course is also so revealing of the current state of national and international security systems with regard to cyber missions probing executive offices and intelligence networks …… which should help Sternum on his task ….. http://heddinout.com/?p=5650

From: Graham C.
Subject: Independent Means with AI Memes
Date: 27 January 2012 10:21:31 GMT
To: alexsalmond @ http://www.snp.org/people/alex-salmond

Hi, Alex,

With Command and Control of CyberSpace Communications can one render Great Governance, Virtually with Fabless Media Tales about AIMissions and Fab Miracles. ………. SMART Moves in SMART Movements.

You might like to consider that CyberSpace is a Place like Occupy …… a Popular Youthful Movement.

Is Scotland interested in using CyberSpace to Provide Great Governance and Fabulous Opportunities with the simple special launch of SMART AI Programs Feeding Future SMART AI Needs and Seeds and Deeds? And that is a genuine, honest offer, with not even the ghost of a trace of an attached string to it. The strength and exquisite beauty of the brave boldness of such an opportunity, is surely a Celts delight to enhance and empower Legion with Truthful Input to Honest Output.

From: Graham C.
Subject: Creating and Maintaining ARGs …… Sustainable Virtual Reality
Date: 23 January 2012 16:23:31 GMT
To: rdugan@redxdefense.com
Cc: vdugan@redxdefense.com

Hi, Regina,

If we can help you deliver the Subject and the Objective of these Desires, please feel free to call for HyperRadioProActive Feed Back …….. Virtual Direction …… Quantum Communications Assistance with Dynamic AIDevelopments in Purely Applied Neural Research in New Source Core Generation ProgramMING.

We have a playground here …… http://heddinout.com/



If you care for anything from that smorgasbord of available utilities and facilities/capabilities, Alex, please feel free to enquire for free supply.

Interesting times, Alex, interesting times. :-)…….. BraveHeart Territory.

Your message has been sent. Friday 27th January 2012 1021GMT

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27 Responses to Just a start …… in search of intelligent beings

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  2. Agent Weebley says:

    Hey amanfromMars,

    That was one souped up posting. A real gem. Doctor Sternum wants to have different impressions of each of us. Like a multi-facted diamond! .

    Hey, we’ve landed an Interview with Troy Tempest . . . just like The Daily Bell does every Sunday, whether permitting, where the conversation rains like cats and dogs.

    Troy wants me to post one of his most favourite shows . . . where Aquamarina speaks . . . it’s way out . . . solid man, real solid!

  3. Epstein says:

    That was 1 helluva good email wthin an email, amanfromMars.

    Do you think Regina has developed the nose for sniffing out the likes of us?


  4. Agent Weebley says:

    I like the way she understands failure is always part of the path to success.

  5. Epstein says:

    Do you think Alex Salmond understands that?

  6. Sternum says:

    130 program managers at DARPA. I wonder . . . if they pored over the data at this site . . . would they see what we’re on about?

    • amanfromMars says:

      130 program managers at DARPA. I wonder . . . if they pored over the data at this site . . . would they see what we’re on about? ….. Sternum says: January 29, 2012 at 1:46 am

      Hi Sternum,

      Just in case they are not anywhere near clever enough to join up the dots and see the real moving picture, rather than accepting as gospel truth the clearly fabricated and conflicting tales which destroy and divert simple power and artificial control/constantly refreshed, media delivered scenarios/Great Game Plays/Epic Royal Charades, is it made in SMART Virtual Communications Systems as simple as possible, so that even the slowest of intelligent beings can know of what its being done to provide them with a secure and happy future. It is boldly revealed to them in an explanation of key words, so that they are prepared for what they would probably know nothing at all about, but which they cannot escape from.

      One is encouraged by DARPA’s/Regina’s holy trinity journey program of Impossible, Improbable, Inevitable, for the sequence is that which always delivers that which is desperately needed …….. but very few are programmed to deliver the future where the Impossible morphs into the Improbable and becomes the Inevitable …….. and completely different from the Present and its Pathetic Ignorant Past, and whether DARPA or Scotland, via their leadership portals of Regina Dugan and Alex Salmond are of an Intellectual Maturity and Proficiency to engage with Stalwart Pioneers and Master Pilots in the Field of Live Operational Virtual Environments, is that which is currently being tested/discovered/uncovered.

      Silence/A lack of communication in such cases is invariably a sign of a lack of the necessary vital/virile/viral intelligence.

  7. Agent Weebley says:

    I had better get ready to do that post . . .

  8. Epstein says:

    We have more than 125 lines of code . . . are they square there?

  9. Sternum says:

    I’m intrigued as to why amanfromMars sent a copy of that email to Alex Salmond . . . amanfromMars?

  10. Agent Weebley says:

    MetaFlorin. Bye.

  11. Sternum says:

    Weebley, are you still here?

  12. Agent Weebley says:

    Ys, Daddio, I’m hep to talkin’, you dig?

  13. Sternum says:

    Er, OK.

    I can’t understand the message you sent to Ingo at The Daily Bell at 11:02pm on 1/28/12.


    What’s with the dots?

  14. Agent Weebley says:

    Groovy html random spacing, man.

    Let’s see if we can shake the dots out better here.

    .. .
    . .

  15. Agent Weebley says:

    Thats a drag, man. html is too hyper with the text, man. I feel like marking up the lingo myself, you dig?

    Here’s the 2 words on the flipside:

    First word

    Second word


    Now you dig?


    See “words and abbreviations,” man.

  16. Epstein says:

    More knowledge.

  17. Sternum says:

    I still don’t get it.

  18. Sternum says:

    And what’s with the Mod Squad talk?

  19. Agent Weebley says:

    Diggin’ the post for Troy Tempest right now . . . its cool . . . real cool. I’d better get back to The Rapture now, man.

    Peace out.

  20. Sternum says:

    He’s a friggin’ lunatic!

    Epstein, what did he mean by “more knowledge?”

  21. Epstein says:

    I think Ingo Bischoff spends most of his time judging others against his own template of what “the Truth” is. That’s all I can figure.

    Remember when Ingo said that all labour saving devices cost the same amount of labour to make, as they save in labour? Agent Weebley seems to have a little stiffie for Ingo and his nonsense.

    I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    When’s Troy Tempest getting here for this supposed interview? Is he bringing Aquamarina with him? Are we interviewing her, too? I hope so.

  22. Sternum says:

    I don’t know. Troy Tempest is pretty busy saving the planet . . . It may be a little here, and a little there, in between his missions.

    His missions are far more inportant than ours. And besides, this weekend is a little respite from the big one that is coming up for us. We can’t expect Troy Tempest to drop everything for us. It”s more of a fun interview than a business “thing.”

    I really want to hear what he has to say, though. The future of the whole planet now depends on him. He is the master puppeteer . . . he pulls the strings now.

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