Poetic Justices of the Peace

Days of Good, All.

Much reading mileage since I last posted. DB are trying to figure out the Internet again, and the usual suspects definitely need an AWesome sorting out – but I’ll go there later. My mind’s CPU usage is elevated today as it is processing some code new to me, noticed on the interwebs. It looks a LOT like the same idea. Link below, keep reading…

Status: Unpacking tracing and validating…

Most important within the loading of new Code, even into Test-projection mode, is the purity-seeking, thorough look-throughs for foreign functionality, searching for exploit points, methodo-illogical weaknesses/strengths, attachè-ments or references to malicious code, domains or actors.

Progress: Loading 75%
Error Code Returned: 0x00000000

And then I wondered… “Wow these folks sure need an Access Interface Overlay too surely?”

Is it too good to be True? But is it competition or corruption?

Then I heard Agent Weebleys warm olive oil voice on my shoulder: “Stop fiddling wit’ yer Limbic Switch!”

The Man wants us all to feel disconnected and fearful of being ripped off too though. So I investigated further, and found I experienced a range of emotions…

Is it a compliment? Is it fake? Perhaps a slap in the face to all herein for me to even mention it, especially if it were another dud? I still don’t know for sure – and must probe more. As an Agent of Peace IT is my duty to be more sure about these things. But we did see a pretty slick trip by the CMN a while back.

Slick’s Trips, Part 1

But then I find the overall pressure is to offer to share the find, with the explicit proviso that Agent Weebley has the offer to kick this post off the Planet either way, with a Vee-Shaped Toe gesture, (Live Long and Prosper) or hit the Pub, lichten “Steins in the Kitchen!”, button, as he see fit.

Because we all have a right to choose for ourselves, and, because we need the validations from those with whom we co-operate. (Lest we co-opt them instead.) Are we seeing the expanded N-Dimensional polymodal chessboard’s new ‘countries’ borders forming/merging? Do Flocks of a measure, bird together?

I need to go for walk to mull this over.

Oh and here’s the link to the find. Also This too.Which I find thus far to be highly compl(E)mentary and compl(I)mentary too. It appears they launched several months after this website.

Your Thoughts please, Learned Team?

Def Poetry Jam: Gemineye – “Penny for Your Thoughts”

And thanks Youtube, for offering up this gem “up next” for me to Warmly Wildy Wave madly in your faces too.

What say Wordy Worldy Warriors for Win Win Win Workable WWWays?

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  1. Great post, Agent Pete 8!

    You’re not going to believe this, but Lucy and I are back at home, and are now going to watch Beautiful Minds! We are testing out our somewhat new AppleTV . . . loading . . . loading . . . waiting . . . waiting for that darned 5Mb satellite system to be installed! The downside of living out of town.

    Everyone is going to watch it with us . . . we’ll be the ones necking in the back row.

    Did you know that John Nash was born many years before, but the day after me?

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