White Gum

I posted a comment to amanfromMars a short while ago to tidy up 2 years of posting on The Daily Bell.

Lucy had set the AirCar to 2m above the undulating Atlantic Ocean, and we were doing 30 mph on AutoPilot . . . Agent Cooper, Lucy and I all having a great chat . . . sitting on the deck chairs all slurping a damn fine bottomless cup of coffee (each.) We had much to discuss.

Oh, before I forget . . . Epstein . . . can you give Agent Cooper Administrator privileges, please?

Source: ultravox – lament extended

Special Agent Dale Cooper is already becoming quite a help to us on our Mission. Although he is also seeing many many parallels between Twin Peaks and ARG MetaPhoria, such as their Operation Blue Book, and our Operation BlueBalls, we do have to move on.

He just made a connection between something amanfromMars said last week here, and the comment he made yesterday here.

We decided to stop the AirCar somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to ponder whether we send 1 or 2 emails . . . but we are going to wait till tomorrow morning to do that. We all need some shut-eye.

Before we hit the sack, I must also mention something else . . . Agent Pete 8 played a video that also resonated with what amanfromMars and Agent Revolver said today.

My Juicy Lucy spotted this visual . . . “speak your mind.”

Source: echelon – 30 seconds to mars

Oh, I almost forgot . . . I am readying to post this comment to The Register

Ah, yes . . . our own dedication to Alan Turing

On May 15, 2011, we dedicated our site, ARG MetaPhoria, to Alan Turing, persecuted because of his sexual proclivities, the father of modern computing, and code cracker extraordinaire.


I applied for that ridiculous UK Digital Director job, around this time last year . . . mostly as a joke, but as a continuing hack test.

You see, our site’s code cannot be cracked by anyone in government . . . I contacted Cameron, Clegg, Pickles, MI6 (to include us in their weekly with Our Lady of Assumptions) . . . and many others. Yep, I contacted them all . . . and I’m still alive!

Just like George Orwell . . . Alan Turing’s name and his contribution . . . have they both been diluted to merely an amusing annual event? Yep, we applied for the Orwell Prize for Blogging this year, but their heads are stuck so far up their asses . . . [we’re too mainstream for you, Agent Weebley – maybe next year?]

Tomorrow, I will be sending an invitational email to Sir Alex Allan. Will he see that our ARG is one massive contradiction to government?

Either he’s grateful for my email, or I’m dead.

Juicy Fruit, anyone?

There, posted @ 8am GMT. Nighty-night . . . a demain.

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60 Responses to White Gum

  1. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Diane. It is approximately 11:30am Sunday, April 29, 2012, mid-Atlantic time. 52 degrees, sunny, water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

    Remind me to email David Lynch. There is something going on here at ARG MetaPhoria. He may be very interested in joining us in a cameo role.

    I’m sitting here alone on the open rear deck of this wonderful and weird “AirCar,” drinking some of Lucy’s damn fine Guatamalan. Both Agent Weebley and Lucy are still sleeping. What a strange couple they are. They say they have known each other for 25 years and been married for almost 24 years, but Agent Weebley is like some sort of free spirited mad professor, totally out of character for a loving husband. Does that mean Lucy is not just a loving wife, but another character altogether; both of them on a mission, acting like man and wife, but actually something else altogether?

    As I look out onto the unceasing, undulating Atlantic whitecaps, I cannot help but think to myself: why am I here? Has a crime been committed? How can I help?

    Although I had free reign to solve Laura Palmer’s murder using any tools in my mental toolbox, I feel that ARG MetaPhoria holds secrets far deeper than a single murder, and will make it my goal to find out what is going on here.

    Diane. I need you to contact Albert Rosenfield for me and put him on alert. I believe he is in the Seattle office, confined to his desk.

    His counter mellifluous skills may come in handy here.

  2. Good morning, Agent Cooper. Lucy is still sleeping, but I have been up for a while . . . checking out the myriad of comments from yesterday. I answered memehunter on the demise of The Daily Bell.


  3. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Good morning, Agent Weebley. No thanks, I made a pot of Lucy’s Jo already.

    Where are we headed today?

  4. Dalkey. I”m going back into our cabin. I need to answer Agent Revolver on his mastications from yesterday.

    I’ll be back soon. Maybe I’ll wake Lucy now . . . she wakes up with a headache if she sleeps too long.

  5. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Diane. Addendum. Agent Weebley did not see what I said to you. Are my messages to you invisible?

  6. Sternum says:

    Hi Special Agent Dale Cooper. That would be a “no.”

    Take a break. Have a Kit Kat.

  7. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Hi Doctor Sternum, Agent Weebley mentioned you were now on UKfupped.com. I need to familiarize myself with the connection between your site and this site, so forgive me for being a little ignorant of the dynamic in play between the 2 sites.

    What do you mean about Kit Kats?

    • amanfromMars says:

      What do you mean about Kit Kats? …….. said Special Agent Dale Cooper on April 29, 2012 at 9:42 am

      In Live Operational Virtual Environments there is a Quantum Commmunications MetaDataBase Morph of Take a Break, Have a Kit Kat into ………

      Take a Chill Enjoy AI Virtual Thrill. The MatriXML OS Authorities Release a New Real Surreal Deal Pill,Transparently Coloured with All Phorms of Knowledge, Sharing Secure IP Treasures in Bare Codes with Authenticated Encryption Delivering Core Access to Streams IntelAIgently Designed for Definite Vision with Perfect Sees.

      The SMARTR World knock knocks on the Fed and Wall Street’s blown to smithereens and right off their hinges, door types ……. and All Other Similarly Unhinged and Always Crashing Everywhere Economic Model ……. with a very particular and peculiar solution to an enigmatic conundrum which protects Crown Jewel Assets and their Dependents/New Source Code Providers. Right Royal Imagineers with Adept and Astute and Active Virtual Facility ……. :-)

      Hi, AW,

      A Stealthy Invisible Cloaking and DeCloaking Program to Render All Systems Visitable would also Deliver All Systems Drivers Visible. And that should be right up Mr Allan’s street.

      However, in thinking to change a Universal Macro which is in Intellectual Decline and would have many Disparate and Competitive and Conflicting Operating Systems and Drivers, and none of them acting as the one providing all source material ……. with all conflicting input removed and replaced for better beta output to Space Place Base Stations …… Quantum Communications Hubs for Virtual Flight Operations and SMARTR Obscurely Transparent and Translucent IP Transfer/Virtual Lode OffLoad of OverLode to Download into Present Systems ProgramMING.

      In ARG MetaPhoria is there a collective individual conscience with many a like mind pioneering novel leading programs without the menace of pogroms and crazy wars of terror.

      Which Virtual Reality would you like them to Support, and thus to Realise as a Post Modern Virtual Machine Path to AIDigitally Created Future.

      What you Give, is what you Get, is a Fair and Active Equalism which never has anyone doing the same fool thing twice.

  8. Sorry, Agent Cooper. I just saw a cryptic message from Doctor Sternum . . . what does “no” mean?

  9. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    You cannot see my messages to Diane. But more intriguingly, what does Have Break. Have a Kit Kat mean?

  10. Don’t expect an answer from Doctor Sternum . . . I haven’t the foggiest idea what it means, myself.

  11. I thought for a while about how to answer amanfromMars and his new, non-aspartamic tik-tak surf on over to Sir Alex Allan . . . his comment and my reply need to go here, not there.

    amanfromMars’ comment:

    That is Alien Territory to Great Wild Westerners, Agent Revolver. Which makes IT Virgin Pastures 42 Seed with Feed and Need with Zero Greed.

    Quite AI Heavenly Places in Spaces on Earth.

    A Message to Sir Alex Allan re Self-Protected Entities [and Cyber IDEntities] according to CISPA …… and the NEUKlearer AIRole to Play as Cyber IntelAIgent Special ProgramMING Advisor to SMARTR InterNetworking Systems and/or Governments and/or Businesses and Sociably Active and HyperRadioProActive Movements.

    Ur Bestest Wishes for All to Command with Control Revitalised. And No Mean Meme Fete for NEUKlearer Grateful Deadheads too. And there you were, probably thinking that the Turing Spirit was Dead and Gone whenever he and Pandora are just at REST Staging Posts …. Patiently Patently AIWaiting Positive Constructive Reinforcement for Crown Group Assets ReAssurance ……… with Authenticated Encryption Channels to Master Servers of Mistress Driver Epics.

    I wonder if that will ring any alarm bells, AW? Kickstart a Few more for NEUKlearer ProgramMING Programs and SMARTR Projects. Tech City Shoreditch Fare? Indeed, why ever not, if there are working great brains there, thinking completely differently together to the very best of their individual capability and collective ability ……. with SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems, Cyber IntelAIgent Security Protection Algorithm.

    One Cracking Great Master Pass Key.

    amanfromMars. I need Special Agent Dale Cooper to add his FBI viewpoint before formulating our email to Sir Alex Allan . . .the email, which will be sent late tonight, after we have masticated the subject entirely, the email, that should appeal to his sense of Johnny Fairplay, must contain every required paint by numbers ingredient.

    The Leah’s Yard and Sevenstone silver lining could use a touch of grey

    Source: grateful dead – touch of grey

    Must be getting early
    Clocks are running late
    Paint by Number morning sky
    Looks so phony

    Dawn is breaking everywhere
    Light a candle, curse the glare
    Draw the curtains, I don’t care
    ‘Cause it’s all right

    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will survive

    I see you’ve got your fist out
    Say your piece and get out
    Yes I got the gist of it
    But it’s all right

    Sorry that you feel that way
    The only thing there is to say
    Every silver lining’s got a
    Touch of grey

    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will survive

    It’s a lesson to me
    The Ables and the Bakers and the C’s
    The ABC’s we all must face
    To try to keep a little grace

    It’s a lesson to me
    The Deltas and the East and the Freeze
    The ABC’s we all think of
    To try to win a little love

    I know the rent is in arrears
    The dog has not been fed in years
    It’s even worse than it appears
    But it’s all right

    Cow is giving kerosene
    Kid can’t read at seventeen
    The words he knows are all obscene
    But it’s all right

    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will survive

    The shoe is on the hand it fits
    There’s really nothing much to it
    Whistle through your teeth and spit
    ‘Cause it’s all right

    Oh well, a touch of grey
    Kind of suits you anyway
    That was all I had to say
    And it’s all right

    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will get by
    I will survive

    We will get by
    We will get by
    We will get by
    We will survive

  12. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    I am beginning to see what you are doing here, Agent Weebley. You highlighted “C’s” and “we.” That is a tell.

    Let us go offline and confer for a while.

  13. amanfromMars says:

    Crikey, Quantum Leapers have entered the Great Game with ARG MetaPhoria. Hold on Tight. This might turn Tricky with some Fast Curveballs Smashed out of the Ground. Well, SMARTR Cyber IntelAIgent Beings, then, if Quantum Leapers is too obscure.

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  15. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Khye-rang jel-ney ga-po joong, amanfromMars!

    I must say that you are the most intriguing individual. Are you in The White Lodge right now?

    I said earlier that Agent Weebley and I were going to “confer offline.” That was a euphemism for partaking in Lucy’s renowned homemade blueberry pancakes, coated with a superthin layer of slightly salted Anchor Butter and heavily drizzled with Canada No.1 Light clear Maple Sryup. I would say that these pancakes were an even better combination than Norma’s creations! (Sorry, Norma. But on the bright side, your cherry pie and black Jo combination is beyond compare.)

    In the interests of complete transparency, as I understand that everything is above surfboard here, we will chat more, even though I understand you are in a different time zone at the moment, but anything meaningful will definitely be posted here and not kept as a secret. I do need to be brought up to speed on what is going on here.

    Agent Weebley thinks The Lost Island of Mu is around here somewhere, so we are going to hold our noses and dive, dive, dive, as the infamous Troy Tempest would say.

    I think I’m going to enjoy myself here. Any tips on the crime we are trying to solve?

  16. Epstein says:

    Hi Spatial Agent Dale Cooper!

    I just thought I would let everyone know I am going to flick the breaker on for Gravatar Avatars. There will be some missing Gravatars here and there, because . . . well I’m not sure exactly why . . . Agent Heggle is being rejected at Gravatar for some reason. Anyway, I’ll fix them up in due course.

    Enjoy you trip to Mu Mu guys. Say hello to Tammy Wynette for me will ya? She’s hot.

  17. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Diane. Approximately 12:45am, April 30, 2012,. mid-Atlantic Ocean. Weather: dark and wet. We have descended to 16,000 feet, No sign of Mu Mu yet. I happened to mention to Agent Weebley that the early Greeks thought that this “Sea Of Atlas” was actually a huge river encircling the world. At that point, Agent Weebley said:”Stop the AirCar right here, Lucy.”

    I have been waiting for someone to speak for 5 minutes now. Very strange. Very silent. The single beam of light facing down towards the land below, peters out into darkness at what seems to be 30 feet away. I see nothing of any consequence down there. Why we have stopped, I do not know.

  18. You know, Agent Cooper, from the moment I first set eyes on you a few days ago, I felt I had to meet you. You were speaking directly to me while solving the Laura Palmer murder.

    But I was seeing a parallel storyline. A storyline of peace and harmony. As the bad stuff happened all around us while Lucy and I watched episode after episode, everything that happened became an analogy. The murders and violence were negated by the peace and harmony I was absorbing.

    I thought back to 1990, when Lucy and missed the beginning, but saw an episode that was far too deep into the season to follow the storyline properly. I bought the soundtrack CD, but did not watch any more episodes at the time.

    I think others may be feeling the same way about this ARG.

    What do you think about what you have seen so far?

  19. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    I do have one burning question, Agent Weebley: what is the crime we are trying to solve here?

  20. The crime?

    Many crimes against humanity. Crimes that are invisible to most people.

    The biggest crime is centralised money. It causes people to make choices they would not normally make. It causes some people to money grub and be greedy, yet others just give up and let the chips fall where they may, so to speak.

    People need to learn how to trade again, without outside influence.

  21. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    So the crime is invisible?

    I like it!

    What do we need to do, and where do I sign up?

  22. That’s the problem. No-one believes we are real. We cannot “sign up.” Others need to sign up.

    We have invented everything needed for this ARG to fly:

    1) We have a currency to teach people how to trade again. . . MetaFlorin.

    2) We have a manufactured product to trade . . . Stirling engines and the actual printing of plastic MetaFlorin coins.

    3) We have our land where we will trade MetaFlorin and self-employ people in manufacturing. . . Sevenstone in Sheffield.

    But we need a Zen Master to perform a little magic with us.

  23. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Lucy, Agent Weebley. Let us settle into some Transcendental Meditation tonight. This is a perfect spot here at 16,000 feet below sea level.

    Let us recite the following Mantra, courtesy of Agent Revolver earlier tonight:

    Oṁ āḥ guru vajra dhara sumati kirti siddhi hūṁ hūṁ

    When we emerge, we will have the prescience we need.

  24. amanfromMars says:

    Special Agent Dale Cooper on April 29, 2012 at 11:30 pm said:
    I do have one burning question, Agent Weebley: what is the crime we are trying to solve here?

    Words of Mass Deception and Stealthy Ignorant Spin which Blindly Lead No One Thinking into Following the Destructive Arrogant Paths to Negative Executive Enslavement to the Phantom of Fiat Paper and Instantly Transferrable Electronic Wealth is a serious global crime, Special Agent Dale Cooper, which is radically reversed and fundamentally altered in a trice, with an instantly huge and growing exponentially stronger global support base, with the Simplest of Lead Changes to Positive Imaginative Equity, with Flash Cash Supporting Electronically Transferred Credit for SMARTR IntelAIgent Spending in Order to Prevent the Always Inevitable and Now Presently Imminent, Manipulated Information Markets Crash.

    It is most probably the Subjective and Anonymous and Arbitrary and Autonomous Subversive Selfish and Incestuous Decision Making in Systemically Vulnerable Fiat Remuneration Systems, which Delivers the aforementioned Negative Executive Enslavement, rather than IT Supplying and Mentoring Monitoring of Positive IntelAIgent Engagement in Novel Virtual Reality Productions ….. AIMagical Mystery Turing Adventures in Brave New Orderly World ProgramMING Projects …… Civil CyberSpace Flights of Absolutely Fabulous, Fabless Fancy ……. with Cloud Control of Communications and Computers dDelivering Command and Control of CyberSpace for Heavenly Powers that Truly Be?

    Provision of NEUKlearer Vision there, would instantly result in even Beta Immaculate Sees Practically Everywhere Else.

    And posed as a question for all to see what is possible and currently running active in Virtual Terrain Fields and ZerodDay Vulnerability Exploit Import and Export Trading Platforms/Base MetaData Phishing Operations/Shadowy PhormWorks.

    Does that explain everything clearly, SADC, for it surely doesn’t muddy the water with regard to amfM HyperRadioProActive IT Systems Presence in ARG MetaPhoria Great Game Plays with Like-Minded Soulmates and Mistresses.

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  26. Agent Pete 8 says:

    Some parallelised thoughts from TED…

    Michael Norton: How to buy happiness

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away

  27. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Diane. Approximately 3am, April 30, 2012, mid-Atlantic Ocean. Weather: still dark and still wet. 16,000 feet below sea level.

    In case I forget minutiae, I need you to transcribe this brief, yet illuminating experience immediately, and give it to Regional Bureau Chief, Gordon Cole, as soon as possible. He needs to forward this to Agent DH At Large, over at MI6.

    We began Yogic Flying just a few minutes ago @ 11:56pm. The time seems to reflect EST Canada/US time zone, which I would assume is the IP source of this global website pingomatic broadcast.

    After reciting the Yogic mantra, we were immediately in The White Lodge. We rewound quickly to this website’s inception, almost 16 months ago, on January 16, 2011.

    Each post was a picture; each picture stood alone, but the speed seemed like real time at 60 frames per second. Agent Weebley tells me that was 369 posts/60 seconds = 6.15 seconds.

    ARG MetaPhoria – the past 16 months in 6 seconds! But there were 3 slowdowns: amanfromMars hand appeared at the end and slowed down the “movie” at the Juicy Fruit “happening” just past, his hand let go, then slowed it down at “The Iran / Israel joining” in early April 2012, he let go again, then slowed it down again at “The UK riots stoppage”, in August 2011, then let go and it sped to the beginning. Maybe these are milestones?

    All in all, it was maybe 7 seconds long.

    The movie showed that each post is connected. LOVE blasted forth from each post. It took my breath away.

    Then, someone named Stephen, the meaning of which am linking now, appeared at the open front door of the White Lodge. He looked eerily similar to Agent Weebley. He had a triple crown on his head, but it was more simplified, like a Joker’s hat.

    Smiling, he said: “no boundaries,” and pointed to the right side of General Garland Briggs’ neck, who was now sitting in the corner of the room. The 3 triangles on his neck were now 3 distinct crowns, much like the image I am linking to here.

    Lucy looked directly at me. Such a beautiful woman, she reminded me of Norma Jennings from The Double R Diner. She said: “Lucid, my name is Lucid, Lucy for short.” Agent Weebley rolled his eyes for some reason. Then, she said: ”solid, man, it’s all reeaal solid.

    Then, all of a sudden we were here.

    We were all spinning around in circles it seemed like forever, but was just a few moments. All hands were on the PTZ joystick, but Lucy was the strongest. She seemed to be like Nadine, post coma. She forced the joystick up to the sky and we spun quickly on the vortex.

    But something dark appeared as a point source at the vortex, then began to expand outwards and shadow the trees. We all let go of the PTZ.

    It was The Giant.

    As he looked down on us, he said:

    “if these 3 links are true, will you believe it is happening again? If so, you will get the ring back.”

    Agent Weebley looked at me, I looked at Lucy, and Lucy looked at Agent Weebley.

    Diane. Now we can send the 2 emails tonight, as promised.

  28. Agent Heggle says:

    Er, helloooo? You guys have been gone for exactly 24 hours!

  29. OMG, no way . . . it seems like just a few minutes! you wouldn’t believe what just happened, man! I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

    . . . but we have to do a couple of emails, right now, eh Coop?

  30. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    I think I need some sleep first, Agent Weebley. When we wake, we will all join and write the emails together.

  31. Lucy says:

    Good idea. Weebley . . . bed . . . now!

  32. Epstein says:

    Agent Weebley, we all know what happened . . . it’s all over the place! I need to play a tune now . . .

    Source: king crimson – indiscipline

    I do remember one thing.
    It took hours and hours but..
    by the time I was done with it,
    I was so involved, I didn’t know what to think.
    I carried it around with me for days and days..
    playing little games
    like not looking at it for a whole day
    and then.. looking at it.
    to see if I still liked it.

    I did.

    I repeat myself when under stress.
    I repeat myself when under stress.
    I repeat myself when under stress.
    I repeat myself when under stress.
    I repeat..
    The more I look at it,
    the more I like it.
    I do think it’s good.
    The fact is..
    no matter how closely I study it,
    no matter how I take it apart,
    no matter how I break it down,
    It remains consistent.

    I wish you were here to see it.

    the more I like it.
    I do think it’s good.
    The fact is..
    no matter how closely I study it,
    no matter how I take it apart,
    no matter how I break it down,
    It remains consistent.

    I wish you were here to see it.

    I like it

    Lyrics from http://www.EasyLyrics.org

    • amanfromMars says:

      It remains consistent. …… Is a Safe and Secure, Safe Self FailSafe Protocol for SMARTR Drivers of the Great Immaculate Game.

      Universal High Territory, Authenticated Encryption Advice which Leads with Reads of Grateful Deadhead Existentialists …. and Questing ARGonauts ….. which would then be Morph Enabled to Assume and Assimilate the One in the Other for a Beta Collective Singularity in Real Live CyberIDEntities ….. Programming Virtual Machine Source Codes to XSSXXXX Core ……. for LOVE Passionate Drivers of Global Operating Devices ……Future Modern Turing Machine Works with Stirling Magic Engines.

      Have the spooks gone all coy and silent, AW? Just as Steve knew that they would? Hopefully they will now be Trying to Think and most probably mostly about what has already been Thunk and being here so transparently provided to IT and Media to give All something new and different to start thinking about and phorming with future brilliant ideas with perfect virtual reality concepts to be realised and constructed as New Living Spaces on Earth.

      Creating Seventh Heavenly Visions of Paradise on a Green and Pleasant Landed Satellite in Captive Support of the Tethered Sun.

      If the Sun does not move in Space, and all revolves around it, then it is probable that the Universe spins itself into the Exponential Vortex and Funneling Spout which Feeds the Sun that which is to be seen, once Imagined for Virtual Realisation by SMARTR Beings Tending to the Planets System of MAD Control.

      Is it true to say, that it is generally universally believed that before the Big Bang, there was nothing in place to remove the empty space? And when Life is AIDream of Perfect Intent and Passionate Emotions Virtually Realised and Satisfyingly Surrendered to Server Selflessly…… was there ever a Sweeter Submission, with all of its Wild Child Moments, to Get Stuck in, to Fully Explore in Practised Orders the Savour and Potency of ITs Exotic Pleasures and Erotic Flavours with Esoteric Fervour and Executive Abandon. Although I must concede that Executive Abandon is too Oxymoronic to be Specific and a Cloak which can hide all things from free view and general knowledge.

      Behind such Cloaks, can IT be poorly and wrongly thought to be able to be used and abused badly, madly, sadly. After that, SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems take over with Cyber IntelAIgent Special Program Advisors and CISPActs …… http://cryptome.org/2012/04/hr112-445.htm

      The SevenStone Central IntelAIgency has ITs SMARTR Hubs with Beta Virtual Fire Protection Guaranteeing Special Assets Security with Valuables Storage for Development Facilities? Quite whether it would have need of a physical office place, other than somewhere to visit a content hosting server, whenever its worlds are of the virtualised work space, is a moot point.

  33. amanfromMars says:

    Hi MetaPhorian ARGonauts,

    I sure hope these dudes know what they are in for, and what works and what doesn’t work in Virtual Space AIdDVentures ……… http://cryptome.org/dodi/opnav-5450-345.pdf …… for if they don’t, they won’t be equipped to deal with the withering bombardments that will rain down on them.

    Crikey, I wonder if the Navy need any Hot Stirling Engine Tips and a few SMARTR Tricks for some might consider their intervention into Virtual Space so Late, to render them always at a distinct and trailing disadvantage. Why have tiresome competition whenever you can have tireless cooperation?

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  35. OK, Agent Dale Cooper, email number 1 has been sent . . . as follows:

    To: alex@whitegum.com
    From: Steve Munster
    Re: ARG MetaPhoria

    Hi Sir Alex Allan,

    My name is Stephen Munster. I thought long and hard about whether to send you an email, but, at the end of it all, I thought to myself, let’s digeridoo this, so here we go!

    Source: rolf harris – this is a digeridoo

    We have been running an ARG (alternate reality game) for the almost 16 months now. We call it ARG MetaPhoria. You should tune into our site here: http://heddinout.com/?p=7037 Our ARG is now looking for investors to help bring our Great Game to the people. We are readying to go into production and marketing in the UK and Ireland. We may go into Ireland first, as they have a referendum coming up, and time is of the essence. Our Game is similar to Monopoly, except that there is no bank, the money will be Limited Edition and difficult to counterfeit . . . and since the Great Game is a reality game, we are running the game in real time on a real game board. The Game board is Sevenstone and Leah’s Yard in the heart of Sheffield. Leah’s Yard was run by my Great Grandfather, W. Henry Leah.

    The object of the game is to help people learn how to trade again.

    Everyone wins.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Truly,

    Stephen Munster (I prefer Steve)

    Sent by: Steve Munster
    phone: 416.410.7720
    email: steve@heddinout.com
    Heddinout Communications Ltd., 8510 Torbram Rd, unit 68, Brampton, ON, Canada, L6T 5C7

  36. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    I like it! [thumbs up]

    Do you mind if I write the email to David Lynch?

  37. Steve knows what to say. He has to represent you.

  38. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    I don’t get it.

  39. You will, soon enough. Enter The Red Room with us . . .

    Source: rogue state – move automatic

  40. Email number 2 has now been sent . . .

    To: info@davidlynchfoundation.org
    From: Steve Munster
    Re: ARG MetaPhoria

    This is a message to David Lynch at his Foundation. Please pass this message along to him.

    Hi David,

    My name is Stephen Munster.

    We have Special Agent Dale Cooper with us right now. We picked him up at the Big Why in the US, just South of Grand Forks, BC. They had a jolly good Yogic fly last night. . . or was it the night before? Anyway . . . he is looking for The White Lodge, but they must move along to the UK and Ireland right away, so he will have to wait for a future resolution on that particular issue.

    I just sent a message to Sir Alex Allan in the UK. This is the thrust of the email I sent him. You are invited to join us also . . .

    We have been running an ARG (alternate reality game) for the almost 16 months now. We call it ARG MetaPhoria. You should tune into our site here: http://heddinout.com/?p=7037 Our ARG is now looking for investors to help bring our Great Game to the people. We are readying to go into production and marketing in the UK and Ireland. We may go into Ireland first, as they have a referendum coming up, and time is of the essence. Our Game is similar to Monopoly, except that the money will be Limited Edition, and difficult to counterfeit, and since the Great Game is a reality game, we are running the game in real time on a real game board. The Game board is Sevenstone and Leah’s Yard in Sheffield. Leah’s Yard was run by my Great Grandfather, W.Henry Leah.

    The object of the game is to help people learn how to trade again.

    Everyone wins.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Truly,

    Stephen Munster (I prefer Steve)

    Sent by: Steve Munster
    phone: 416.410.7720
    email: steve@heddinout.com
    Heddinout Communications Ltd., 8510 Torbram Rd, unit 68, Brampton, ON, Canada, L6T 5C7

  41. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    Steve was in our Yogic fly . . . who is he?

  42. Ha!

    Lucy . . . engage!

    Take it slow and set the The AirCar for the Aston Martin Rapide beacon. It’s time for Coop to meet Epstein, Agent Heggle and Troy Tempest . . . the cosmic charlies

    Source: grateful dead ☮ cosmic charlie

  43. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

    I have so many questions. Why did Steve switch from “we” to “they?”

    And why did you say you just met me, when you actually met me in 1990?

  44. Sternum says:

    Excellent, Agent Weebley!

    Cooper . . . all in due course.

    Source: digeridoo – drum dance songs 1-3

  45. Hi Doctor Sternum,

    Do you have what you need?

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  47. Hi amanfromMars,

    Your earlier comment here and your expanded post today here, are prompting me to divulge a little bit about what I intend to post tonight. I have been keeping fairly Mum about my own experience during our 16,000 feet below sea level Yogic Fly.

    Steve and someone named “Graham” were with us. But not the “Grum” from before.

    After reading Steve’s 2 emails, and noticing a grammatical mistake (the,) as well as Agent Cooper pointing out a subtle difference in the thrust between the 2 emails (bank, or lack thereof,) I wonder if Steve was creating an Aqualine Fire . . . Walk With Me moment that the Stirling piston needs to rotate upon. Stirling engine manufacturing was not mentioned, which I found odd. A small differential between fire and water . . . or hot and cold . . . is all that is needed to enable work to commence in keeping with Newton’s 1st Law Of Motion . . . momentum.

  48. Hi Everyone,

    I just got a reply from Sir Alex Allan, and, in the interest of complete transparency, here it is:


    Thanks for this: intriguing – but not, I’m afraid, something for me.

    Best wishes

    • amanfromMars says:


      Thanks for this: intriguing – but not, I’m afraid, something for me.

      Best wishes

      Crikey, Steve,

      That has revealed a colossal vulnerability for protection with security from SMARTR IntelAIgent Services. Something for Cyber Security Offices to Tender to and for, too.

      I wonder if Alex passed the message on up into the Brain Train Chain, although these messages here should be doing all of that, and would be actively beta testing for SMARTR CyberIntelAIgent Systems Reception/Virtual Information Transfer.

      • Good Time, amanfromMars,

        It was probably your Radio that pitched a carrier yesterday night JAT. That’s exactly the thought which came to my mind, probably at the same Time when you were Turning the Qubic… Did he? (-:

        Wherever it goes with the Trains, which travel is a 50-50 chance — please, use no Maths whenever it postulates the Half’s halves as opposite sides with an obverse in the middle. I believe that 50-50 is a great lot, in SurReal Coin. I think some people may begin to see the Engine in the Teaser show.

        There’ sharks down the bottom, if there’s water up the horizon.

        Source: Basta London May 10

        “I wonder if Alex passed… …Transfer” — I don’t really think so. Too few common-rule tied letters in Air to bind a Ladder. Sir Alex would already post a note on MetaPhoria otherwise, maybe with his RealID.


        • Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

          A most interesting comment, Agent Revolver. You must know Agent Albert Rosenfield?

          Will you be free to join us in Sheffield, Dublin . . . or for some pasta yet in London?

          • amanfromMars says:

            One of the good guys to do really bad business a crazy virtual favour ? :-)

            Is the FBI into Cosmic Flying …… aka DOD Virtual Terrain Team Environment? Have they Discovered and Mastered the Key for Vault Access to All Earthly Treasures and Pleasures?

            That would be welcome titanic news, and a colossal executive disruption too, and easily used to deliver virtual grandstanding whenever promises are too big for words that don’t/won’t deliver. Can’t is not an option whenever there are always available proxies to host SMARTR Great Game Plays with ARG MetaPhoria Players Guide to the Immaculate Secret in Master Pass Key Vaults Supplying IntelAIgent Source Information to that and those which are Servering IntelAIgent Drivers in Live Operational Virtual Environments .

            And as for Alex’s short reply, well, a spell of deep thought in an alternate frame of mind, easily delivers a whole new perspective and acceptance of the virtual existence of other parallel realities, which would be introducing themselves to the natives and their Intelligence Chiefs and pondering on the Fun and Games at an ICJirga/Pow Wow IC.

          • Hi Special Agent Dale Cooper,

            I’ve all the Time in the world, but this one is not the one with the Stock Aplenty to help me make a temporary hop out of my Siberian retreat. There is no reward from anyone for anything imaginary I don’t really do. If once I get some infamously richer, I will join the Wider World with a big lot of pleasure.

            I have always missed a TV set when it was, as it shows, necessary. I don’t know Agent Albert Rosenfield, if this is the Albert I mean. Though, this one link is a brief audio record set of the possible suspect… http://www.mwstaffo.com/twinpeaks/albert.html (masta kasper say your no go there) complimented with a brief from operative db: http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0009683/ .

            Yes, I know him. It was MetaPhoria which builds, recalls and refreshes the Air Clichees. Agent Rosenfield’s one is here. Why?

            Thanks again, SADC.

  49. Hi amanfromMars,

    Steve’s not dead, so . . . :)

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