Be Still Your Organ

We’ve been floating here above The Stillorgan Industrial Estate in Dundrum, near Dublin . . . all day and most of the night now. We surveyed the land that Agent Heggle found, and dropped down for a while to play what ended up being a great game of football.

Agent Heggle tried for a while to see what it would take to buy the 7 acres N/W of this property, but he couldn’t find the listing. It seems that the soccer pitches are a stop-gap measure until it is sold.

But Agent Weebley wasn’t himself today. He was the goalie . . . but every now and again, he checked out his iPhone4 for messages from people at

I heard him say shit a couple of times, and now I know why. After dinner, he disappeared for quite a while into their cabin. He was writing . . .

Agent Weebley

Now that I have a little time, I need to get something off my chest before I properly respond to peevay, smashing, and Matty1111, even though they left me little to go on. And sorry for calling you “pee at”, peevay, it wasn’t me going on you, it was my iPhone’s spell checker and iT in iT’s infinite wisdom, deciding that my thumbs were too big, so my comment suffered from premature postulation.

I wonder to myself, what would have caused such a violent reaction with my few words? Since I don’t like to judge, I will set it aside and let you in on a little known fact: for every person that posts a message, there are hundreds in the background that are just reading and never posting. Careful what you write.

You may be confused about why we are here . . . gwanouttait also seemed confused, but I’m not sure whether it was me, or just general confusion manifesting itself coincidentally after my comment and your violent reactions. We are here on QueerID because you are all talking freely about the NO vote. The Irish Times is a piece of chit on this issue, as all they want is to mouth the EU party line . . . the easy way down into the Maelstrom of ever increasing chits.

From the outset, you need to know I am half English, half Irish, half Canadian, and half MetaPhorian. The half MetaPhorian part is probably what got your goat, so I will clear that part up right now. We speak in riddles and analogies . . . a story that parallels the current Crying Game ARG inside ARG MetaPhoria. We stopped off in Ireland, establishing 3 places to set-up shop for manufacturing Stirling engines and attached generators, as well as printing 2 sided game pieces from lenticular stock at DP Lenticular in Dalkey to play the ARG. We were actually on our way to Sheffield at the time, where we have claimed 20 acres in the heart of Sheffield, but we . . . long story, and I’m sure you want me to get to the point.

I really don’t give a rat’s ass whether Irish people vote yes or NO, but holding your hands out for an allowance of ever weakening Euros from your EU masters just makes you slaves to them.

We will eventually be getting investors to swap money from the Euro, Dollars, Pounds, or whatever . . . into MetaFlorin for our ARG, and we will be manufacturing Stirling engines and generators as well as printing and giving out MetaFlorin in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales . . . so you can either believe us or not. I guess when people get back to work making these products and prospering in support of this endeavor, and when the Euro printing machines go into overdrive and become increasingly worthless compared to . . . what . . . other currencies racing to the bottom in unison? That is when a Limited Edition Alternate Reality Game Peace will have this “stability” everyone seems to be looking for, while peevay continues to rotate around his hole, saying YES, YES, YES!

I promise not to plug our site again, which is 11 million on Alexa, while QueerID is 2 million. Sorry for me blurting it out . . . I can’t help myself sometimes.

Oh, and if you are wondering WTF this Alternate Reality Game thing is all about . . . the Queen is about to knight James Bond during the Olympics opening ceremonies. She is readying everyone for us . . . James Bond does not exist . . . . neither do I.

And in the interest of complete transparency, of which we are big ass fans, this entire post is posted somewhere else . . . Mum’s The Word!

I kinda liked his post, but Agent Weebley does this every now and again. It has me confused. Why does he say he doesn’t exist? That would mean we don’t exist! Why would he say that?

Anyway, everyone else is in bed right now . . . I’m flying the AirCar . . . we’re on our way to site number 3 . . . Dundrum.

Source: mike oldfield – tubular bells III

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43 Responses to Be Still Your Organ

  1. Hi Epstein . . . how’s it hangin’?

  2. Epstein says:

    Full moon last night! Why are you up?

  3. My iPhone bonged. I got a reply from Rain:

    Rain| 1889 posts

    Agent Weebley posted

    From the outset, you need to know I am half English, half Irish, half Canadian, and half MetaPhorian.

    There’s no such thing as four halves by the way. To consist of four halves would literally mean you add up to become two seperate people.

    Carry on.

    *keeps reading thread*

  4. Epstein says:

    Don’t tell me . . . you answered Rain?

  5. Nope . . . yep


  6. Epstein says:

    Circling around the black Mountains of Mourne makes me feel really small. I thought everyone was still asleep, but I got an Agent Weebley “ping” on my somewhat fancy new Echelon Software, courtesy of “you don’t know who”

    Agent Weebley

    52 minutes ago

    Jaffa Cakes contain high fructose corn syrup, 170 times sweeter than sugar, an unknown substance to the human body. HFCS otherwise marketed as glucose-fructose, is trapped by the liver and sent to the body’s fat cells, first in, last out. That is one reason people have been getting heavier since 1975. It is a poison, like all juices separated from fibre.

    Why are manufacturers doing this to us? Trying to dull our senses? It’s like the use of aspartame, which turns to formaldehyde in a human body . . .

    HFCS or aspartame are products also added to Juicy Fruit gum.

  7. Epstein says:

    We are currently on a hike in the Mountains of Mourne, so we will be offline for a litle whi…

  8. Agent Pete 8 says:

    Hi Team, I hope you are enjoying your 888

    Do you see any folk from Moscow? They appear to have all disappeared.

    Vladimir Putin’s presidential inauguration ceremony in Kremlin
    (please dont feel the need to watch all of it – but note for the first half, amongst the stunning architecture and surrounds of that City…

    No People!

    Mrs Putin must have forgotten to send out the invitations, I do hope Vlad was ok with all the streets being empty of supporters, except a few Leetbix buddies in one hall. I counted about 10 people not in uniform in the Kremlin & Moscow.

    Is the CIA guilty of disinformation when it claims “MOSCOW (capital) 10.523 million”?

    Good People – Jack Johnson

    • Oops. — untrusted certificate. Confirmed :-)

      >SRC REQ: “Dacha”
      SYN SENT
      #Server dropped connection#

      WTF. Let’s try the backdoor.


      The place where all Good Russian people are in, if they have any. In Spring, when the land wakes from the Winter sleep, Russians try to use every day-off to work “on the ground”, I really mean gardening and vegetableing. If you compare the time and gas spent to get to dacha and grow a cucumber, tomato or potato, it would appear that the owner of the area supermarket is a charity boss. But every weekend, most of the most Good Siberians, Caucasians, Muscovites or whateverers do their job travelling to their “second homes” — The Dachas.

      President? DACHA! Leningrad – DACHNIKI, Russian-speaking children should not listen.

      Ok, let’s peel just anything serious out of this funny grape.

      Want to film in Moscow heavily? Any1 4Seuls2-II? Contact the Federal Protection Service. Clean stage guaranteed to focus the view(s) on the Actor…

      … in most every case.

      Really, a truly grandious production of the video. Agent Pete 8 … noone here noticed that there were no people on the streets until you said it. People are just replying “Oh, damn, right, there’s really noone!” *. Imagine the video footage featuring a day-before encounters of the Moscow “”White Strip”” crowd vs special police forces, brought to Moscow from another regions of the country a day or two before the sudden event – “March of the Millions”, a month ago allowed by the Capital’s Mayor. Notice that few people still can differ Who from How Much in this 6-zeroes number. Well, never mind.

      Looks spooky, anyway.

  9. Hi Agent Pete 8,

    We got back from our hike a short while ago. Troy tempest cooked up a Steak & Kiddly PI . . . awfully good . . . or something like that.

    Putin . . . isn’t that fries and cheese? I’d like a lage Putin and a Beavertail, please?

    Agent Heggle is over the moon right now. I finally spoke to dizzydoris!

    Hi DizzyDoris, We finally meet!

    Cast your mind back to February 16, 2011 and check out what you wrote here on this queerid thread . . .

    . . . which prompted us to really want to speak to you about a possible referendum at the time. . . but my friend, Agent Heggle, got moderated, wiped, then blocked from further posting for some reason . . . so . . . to answer your question, no, I have not been to Mother Night Club, but Agent Heggle seems to believe he may have met you at Mother. If you ask me for links, I would be happy to give you the full monty on what happened last year from our point of view. I cannot link, as I promised I wouldn’t link back to our site.

    Speaking of the now upcoming referendum that you wanted and got . . .

    One has to keep in mind that every Euro created has a corresponding Euro of debt that is created at the same time. The main reason this Crying Game ARG system is doomed to fail is that each Euro created does not appreciate in value each year, but the debt does appreciate in value each year, due to interest being paid on the debt. The debt can never be paid off, so they have to print ever increasing amounts of Euros to satisfy the compounding debt load! Whoever that Jaffa was that thought up that Crying Game ARG up was not a clear thinker . . . probably eats HFCS Juicy Fruit gum . . . but I digress.

    [I commented on that thread today . . .]

    Compare the above impotent criminal scenario to this Alternate Reality Game . . . we print debt free money, hand all of it out to everyone in Ireland + to trade with, never expecting any of it to come back home on an elastic band, and if more money is needed because the economy is doing so well now and everyone needs more money to do more things, more is printed and handed out to the people . . . and it cannot be clawed back in taxes, since their are no forced taxes in our ARG. Oh, and the system is a Meritocracy, using money to vote for the best people to run the ARG . . . weekly. Shitty job = no more money.

    Want to come up to the lab . . . and see what’s on the metaphorical slab? . . .

  10. Agent Heggle says:

    That was a nice comment, Agent Weebley. I hope he comes up to the lab.

    Epstein is calling us up to the cabin . . . we’re here!

  11. Epstein says:

    OK, we need to find a location. In the meantime, how about someone cues the video we made today on our hike in the Mountains Of Mourne . . .

  12. Lucy has it. Can you upload it, Lucy?

  13. Lucy says:

    I don’t have it. I gave it to Troy Tempest back at Bloodbridge River. Troy?

  14. Epstein says:

    OK, how about downtown Dundrum. There must be some spare land going spare there.

    I saw Lucy give the iPhone to you, Troy.

  15. Oh no! Do you know how many free apps I had on that thing?

  16. Correct. Agent Pete 8 . . . can you go pick it up for us?

    Lucy . . . where did you give it to him?

  17. Lucy says:

    Behind the bushes where we joined up with the river.

  18. Общий привет,

    I’m being brief now, funny stuff… See one coronation and you’ve seen them all. Thanks Agent Pete 8, MetaPhoria is the first source where I watched this one, and you made me smile about CIA 10M in Moscow schtick (Unluckily, have to delay posting my already ready reply till night). And I must answer specially to Agent Weebley re the humble Chewing Sulphur Project post I was literally stunned with. AIR 3AM JAT. 99 (-:


  19. Epstein says:

    Can someone find a video to stick up pulease?

  20. Hi Agent Revolver. Troy forgot my 32gig iPhone4. What’s the “AIR 3AM JAT. 99″

    . . . and where the hell is Agent Cooper?

  21. Epstein says:

    Cool your jets, Agent Weebley.

  22. What’s he got . . . . electrostatic blades on that Cessna?

  23. Epstein says:

    3AM eternal?

    Where do you want me to hover, Agent Weebley?

  24. Troy Tempest says:

    I remember now. It was digging into my bum. I put it down. It’s on a couple of very large rocks in the bush.

  25. “What’s the “AIR 3AM JAT. 99″”&”(-:” — “I’m fronting my F900P in 0300 Japan. Night mode :-)” Serge Devant 3AM Kazantip

    Hi Epstein. Yet another remix… And a set of directions connected appears on 2:36.

  26. Troy, where was your head at? That cost me $700 . . . well, not me, the company, but that’s besde the point. I knew I should have kept it tethered.

    Epstein. Drop her down at the corner of Moneylane Road and Dromara Rd. In the nape of that triangle. I want to be able to see those gorgeous black mountains.

    Ah yes, Dundrum, Northern Ireland . . . me Dad’s old stomping grounds.

  27. Lucy says:

    I just LOVE those phallic speakers, Agent Revolver! And I could let the Kentucky Liberation Front rock me all night!

    • Some flower speakers, hell yeah!

      Sun, sand and sea is already more than just enough for a moment in a flash of a Siberian’s dream. Add sound to that… Gone and lost.

      The list could be added with another S’es, though :-) But them aren’t as driving as the top ones.

  28. Epstein says:

    We need some shut-eye. We’ve been up all day and most of the night. The sun will be coming up soon.

    Here’s some Dundrum-ing sounds to go to sleep by . . .

  29. Doctor Sternum,

    We need those investment buttons, man. I was checking the traffic stats for and and noticed we are climbing the hit parade, but then the queerid moderator snapped and took a cold hard shot at me. He (or she) broke my virtual jaw . . . and now I can’t chew the fat there anymore.


    Do they really now where they are going with that train of non-thought?. . . and I can’t even discuss it with them, because they will just delete my quizzing, and all the previous comments I left there . . . . so all I could do was “like” what the moderator said, to acknowledge I heard what they told me, and hopefully everything I said will stay as a memento . . . do they lie to themselves to be happy?

    Where’s my shrink tubing and hair dryer when I need it?

    Source: the stranglers – strange little girl

  30. Epstein says:

    WTF . . . .@AgentWeebley? WUWT? UT?

  31. i had to . . . it was either that or FB or LinkedIn. I’m able to comment on articles in The Irish Times now, thanks to . . . . DunDrumRoll please . . . dizzydoris!

    I haven’t posted anything yet, though. Maybe later. I want to read everything on that article.

  32. Lucy says:

    What does UT mean, Epstein?

  33. Agent Heggle says:

    You twit, Lucy. Well, not you, but Agent Weebley is the twit . . . ter.

    Anyone hear from Agent Dale Cooper? Maybe he’s on the Orson Hodge Podge of a Desperate Finale thread on . . . I wonder if he’s a newbie on that site?

    Sorry to hear they outed you, Agent Weebley. Now you know how I felt up in Mother that night.

  34. I read that Irish Times article on the NO vote and take my earlier comment back about it being a piece of chit . . . it was a fantastic article, and awesome comments. But now I’m tired . . . I wonder if amanfromMars will post soon?

    Everyone around here seems to be super tired . . . I’m fading too . . .

  35. amanfromMars says:

    Which Way to the Fab, Slab Fabless Lab, AW? The Markets and Dodgy Intelligence Carrier Systems/Crazy Quant Algorithm Programs offer Sacrifice to Succour themselves ….. and would desperately need to, to be enabled to survive and even indecently prosper.

    And attempts to appease the markets with austerity have proved to be futile. Markets are not rational: they demand austerity and then panic again because austerity alone means that there is not the growth to generate the income with which the books can be balanced. …..

    When the System so readily freely admits that the Markets are rigged crooked, why would they have anything to lead with, unless supplied by special forces/self-protected CyberIntelAIgent IDEntities as introduced and outed in the CISPAct ……

    Writ loud and clear in that Act is Remote IntelAIgent Security Control of Prime Premium Private Assets and Pirated Services ….. Counterfeiting Live Operational Virtual Environments.

    Comprendez, Amiga and Amigas? :-) LOVE Wills IT too, Amigos.

    And just love the Complex Simplicity of the ARG [ Agent Weebley on May 7, 2012 at 10:43 pm]
    Money and Tokens for comprehensive spending and Greater Game Investment, as an indication of current present actions and shared future plans as opposed to reflection on past suspect glories and secretive subversive pacts.

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