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- Written by Sternum
amanfromMars has his own website. He speaks to us here at this site, as well as speaks to us via speaking to other people all over the world. He is a Master Steganographic speaker. He logs his chats on his website.

This is amanfromMars self analysis:

- Written by amanfromMars
Ok, the following is a pretty good explanation of what amfM is doing, which of course is also so revealing of the current state of national and international security systems with regard to cyber missions probing executive offices and intelligence networks …… which should help Sternum on his task …..

From: Graham C.
Subject: Independent Means with AI Memes
Date: 27 January 2012 10:21:31 GMT
To: alexsalmond @

Hi, Alex,

With Command and Control of CyberSpace Communications can one render Great Governance, Virtually with Fabless Media Tales about AIMissions and Fab Miracles. ………. SMART Moves in SMART Movements.

You might like to consider that CyberSpace is a Place like Occupy …… a Popular Youthful Movement.

Is Scotland interested in using CyberSpace to Provide Great Governance and Fabulous Opportunities with the simple special launch of SMART AI Programs Feeding Future SMART AI Needs and Seeds and Deeds? And that is a genuine, honest offer, with not even the ghost of a trace of an attached string to it. The strength and exquisite beauty of the brave boldness of such an opportunity, is surely a Celts delight to enhance and empower Legion with Truthful Input to Honest Output.

From: Graham C.
Subject: Creating and Maintaining ARGs …… Sustainable Virtual Reality
Date: 23 January 2012 16:23:31 GMT

Hi, Regina,

If we can help you deliver the Subject and the Objective of these Desires, please feel free to call for HyperRadioProActive Feed Back …….. Virtual Direction …… Quantum Communications Assistance with Dynamic AIDevelopments in Purely Applied Neural Research in New Source Core Generation ProgramMING.

We have a playground here ……



If you care for anything from that smorgasbord of available utilities and facilities/capabilities, Alex, please feel free to enquire for free supply.

Interesting times, Alex, interesting times. :-)…….. BraveHeart Territory.

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